Desktop In The Cloud

Current economic conditions dictate that business need to increase their competitive edge whilst manipulating reduced budgets, Connexions are revolutionising the way I.T is delivered. Connexions Cloud Computing solution provides resilient, on demand business applications at an affordable and predictable monthly cost. Connexions Cloud Computing solution has two main facets, Hosted Desktop and Online Backup

Hosted Desktop

Want to access your data and applications from anywhere? Don’t want the worry of installing updates and performing regular backups? Connexions offers a unique Hosted Desktop service that offers security and stability for a fixed monthly fee.

Connexions has developed a Hosted “cloud” Desktop service for businesses that allow users to access files, applications and emails directly over the internet with a full, single point of access, Windows Desktop.

There are numerous benefits that can be assigned to Hosted Desktop:

Zero Upfront Pricing– With Connexions there are no set up costs and no upfront hardware purchases. All that is needed to pay is a simple fixed monthly charge according to the number of users.

Affordable, Fixed Pricing– Connexions Hosted Desktop could be significantly cheaper than costs of purchasing and servicing an on-site server hardware – even more so as our Hosted Desktop service includes Microsoft Office, Exchange Mail Box and online storage per person.

Easy to Manage– Hosted Desktop removes the hassles out of day-today server management – plus lets you forget about the complications of license purchasing and renewals.

More Secure– Your data and applications are held at secure data centres that are located in different parts of the UK. All data is 256 bit encrypted and backed up automatically to a separate data centre. Every user can only access the files and applications they have permission to open using their own unique user name and password.

Resiliency and Redundancy– 99.99% up time of the network with our data centres. Our helpdesk provides support from 8:30am–5pm, Monday to Friday.

Flexibility– Need more than Microsoft applications? We can host any application that you use for your business. We can host multiple versions of applications at the same time. We will work with our partners to design a bespoke solution to match each users needs. Because servers can be brought up and deployed instantly, the time to deploy a new application drops dramatically with Connexions Cloud Solution.

Scalability-Because every application is hosted in the cloud, your staff can work from anywhere, especially if the unforeseen happens.

Remote Working– Because every application is hosted in the cloud, your staff can work from anywhere, especially if the unforeseen happens.

Removes Human Error– No more accidental shut downs when the cleaner pulls the plug out of the server. No more remembering to replace the backup tape or take the removable drive off-site – plus less chance of viruses spreading through your network.

Go Green– Without servers based on-site, the energy costs reduce dramatically, saving money and freeing up vital office space.

Up-to-date Technology– The technology behind our Hosted Desktop solution is faster and more advanced than any small or mid-sized business would be able to afford, and no more paying to upgrade Software. This enables you to gain a competitive edge and stay one step ahead of competitors.

Online Backup

Worried about the security of your back up system? Concerned about the vulnerability of your organisation if your server goes down or disaster happens? Our unique online backup service offers peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee.

Online Backup is a unique service that allows you to backup and restore all data, files and emails held on your network. No more back up tapes, no more tape drives. Just a secure, fast and automated system that guarantees you 24/7 access to the data vital for your organisation.

The online backup service automatically encrypts and sends your data over the internet to our secure data centres throughout the day and night. You can retrieve any individual files or restore the entire system, whatever the problem. If your server is down, you can switch to your back up files instantly, allowing all your employees to continue working without interruption. Unlike other back up systems, you can also and receive new email while you fix your server.

For a fixed monthly fee, that could be as low as £10 a month, our service has a range of benefits that allow your business or organisation to:

-Securely encrypt and back up all your files, databases and emails to our secure off site servers.
-Back up all your data over the internet throughout the day and night.
-Have instant access to your critical databases and documents, including Microsoft Office, Acrobat and jpg files directly over the internet.
-Option to recover data from other applications such as Sage, MySQL and Oracle as well as being able to access old email and calendar online