We are specialists in creating online shops for businesses of all sizes, from new start-ups to large retail outfits we stretch far beyond our roots in Cumbria reaching local, national and sometimes global market places. Whether you are starting from scratch with no experience or you are an experienced online retailer we can work with you to create an online shop you can be proud of.

E-commerce is growing faster than ever. With worldwide online sales due to hit £250bn this year there are huge opportunities for businesses in Cumbria and the rest of the UK, it is estimated the average shopper will spend more than £1,600 in the next twelve months in the UK alone.

E-commerce Carlisle

E-Commerce Carlisle

Why choose us?

“Identifying the appropriate E-Commerce solution for your business can be a challenge. At Connexions we can offer you endless professional help and advice to make your choice of solution that much easier. Our understanding of the user journey means our solutions are tailored to engage your customers. By creating a positive and enjoyable shopping experience we can help you achieve your sales targets and exceed expectations. We use industry standard software and demonstrate full compliance with security and data legislation as standard. In addition, all of our shop and web hosting packages give you complete control of your website

“An attractive, functional and fit for purpose website design is a good start. In addition, if your website is well built with carefully considered security and reliable customer service, you can instil trust in your customer and encourage repeat visits and sales. Together we can develop a confident and reliable online shop for your business.

Our eCommerce websites offer a range of features including:

  • Product directory and intelligent search
  • Customer log-in, order tracking and history
  • Bestselling products, wish-lists, and product comparisons; ‘customers who bought this item also bought’ etc
  • Shopping cart progression to secure payment gateway
  • Custom and automatic order fulfilment emails
  • Discount and coupon promotions
  • Multiple currency and exchange rate options
  • Integrated shipping services
  • Electronic software delivery to support the sale of digital goods
  • Facilitation of product feeds for online shopping directories (Google Shopping)