Connexions is a leading provider of SIP trunks (an alternative to ISDN and PSTN) and associated services. Our first SIP trunk was installed in 2009, since then we have installed several hundred SIP channels. As you can imagine we have a wealth of experience in providing and supporting VoIP applications. Over the past 5 years we have learnt from our successes, but we have learnt far more from our mistakes.

Our core platform has evolved extensively over the years from a single application with limited connectivity, to a multi-sited platform with multiple carrier interconnects and multiple ISP interconnects.

A hosted carrier may have the best list of features at the most attractive price; but our experience over the last few years suggests that the two most important aspects of hosting voice applications are:

a) Connectivity: If the connection from your offices to the hosted application is not up to the required standard the application will not work.

b) Core application: Replicating the hosted application is paramount. Connexions core voice application is spread between 3 data centres in and around London and we have no single point of failure within the application.

Connexions IP: This is a hosted telephony application installed within our already extensive SIP trunking platform. Connexions IP has all the features demanded by the telecoms market.

Licences: Are per user and not per device enabling you to use the device you want, when you want and where you want, i.e. hardwired phone or PC software client at your desk, mobile phone, or iPad (Wi-Fi connected) anywhere in the world. You will never miss a business call again.

Phones and software: You are spoilt for choice. Connexions has a range of equipment you can purchase or rent from us, or you can buy from elsewhere, however we will only provide support on phones and software we installed. Reliability is the key to the deployment and on-going support of any hosted application.

Connectivity: Is paramount to the success of deploying a hosted application no matter if it’s for a single user or SME client. Connexions has a long established and reputable history for supplying data connectivity for voice applications. If the connectivity profile doesn’t fit we won’t be supplying the application.

Number Porting: You need a full service wrap; we have our own porting desk. There is a one off charge for number porting and we do not charge a recurring rental for managing numbers

Number Provision: Connexions have an extensive range of UK numbers covering 90% of the UK we can also provide international numbers. We charge a one off fee for numbers and we don’t charge a recurring rental for managing numbers

Connexions IP Hosted Telephony from Connexions

What is included in each licence: Every supplier has a different approach on pricing and pricing options; we have strived to provide very cost effective pricing structure. There are applications which will not be required by every user that use resource. So to keep the base price as low as possible we have priced the non-standard features separately and kept it optional.

Features Included:

  • All standard telephony features
  • Voicemail per user
  • Voicemail to email
  • CTI integration, provided by third party applications
  • Connect from any internet connection
  • Register multiple devices to one account. Access from anywhere
  • Local Conferencing
  • Conference Bridges (Pin protected).
  • Fax to email.
  • Hold Music
  • Call Transfer.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Custom Announcements
  • Pickup Groups
  • Group Voicemails
  • Hunt Groups (Sequential/Parallel)
  • Auto Attendants
  • 999 Location per extension
  • Live billing information
  • Fraud notification & suspension
  • Bring your own device.
  • Simple intuitive admin interface
  • Operational expenditure.

Optional Non-standard features:

  • Interactive Voice Response/ Automated Attendant (IVR/AA) which is normally company wide so we charge per IVR/AA,
  • Mobile twinning: an application which is not required by everyone, charged per twinning licence*
  • Call recording: charged per user*
  • Conference calling: charged per simultaneous conference

Connexions IP Hosted Telephony from Connexions

Connectivity: Connexions offers range of data connections services, under the Business Connect range on our standard price list

Connexions also provide a bundle package including data connection, licences and an IVR

Handsets: A range of handsets are available from which can be purchased or rented.