wifi survey plan

Connexions can provide an in depth radio site survey for your wireless installation. Even if you decide not to use our wireless solutions, our wireless surveys represent a valuable reference for your future installation.

Key Benefits

  • Know the scope of your wireless installation
  • Discover environmental factors that may affect the installation
  • Determine access point locations and cable runs
  • Realise what other wireless networks are in place
  • See actual signal strength plots on your building plans





wifi capabilities graph

Connexions site surveys look in detail at all factors that are likely to influence the installation and successful operation of a wireless network. There are many factors that can influence performance of 802.11 networks ranging from adjacent networks to interference from microwave ovens. Unlike most wireless surveys, ours use a minimum of three discreet client devices to measure and plot signal strength at key positions on the actual building or architectural diagrams. You will receive a full and accurate assessment of what will be required in terms of access points, network and power cables and network sundries to implement a successful wireless network in your business. From simple wireless internet access to full WiFi VoIP deployments the site survey is a critical part of any large scale wireless installation.