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Slow Broadband Problems in Rural Areas Solved

Slow broadband does not have to be a problem if you live in a rural area. If superfast broadband isn’t available to you via an ADSL or FTTC fixed line connection then our SimRush wireless broadband service offering provides a cost effective, reliable and secure alternative for homes and businesses.

SimRush is providing connectivity to many rural areas and other ‘not-spots’ across the UK in conjunction with mobile providers using the UK largest 4G data network. SimRush is able to reach even very remote and rural places and delivers superfast broadband speeds. SimRush hardware can connect you to a 4G data network even when mobile devices have no reception at all. Superfast broadband speeds are even available in areas where mobile providers themselves say there is no 4G coverage.

SimRush has been designed to give even the most rural homes and businesses access to superfast broadband. It offers a faster and more reliable method of connectivity than other rural broadband solutions such as satellite and wireless. It is also an extremely competitive alternative leased line costs and speed; it is used widely in rural areas where very high excess construction charges make the leased line costs prohibitive.

SimRush also includes feature-rich WiFi that can be managed by us through our cloud-based management portal. SimRush does not require a fixed telephone line to provide connectivity and is very suitable for running VoIP based services over. Static IPs are also available.

SimRush has superior low latency of 20-30ms which is equivalent to fibre broadband, this enables VoIP services to work reliably and for web pages to load quickly. Because our unique hardware does not require line of sight to a wireless tower, SimRush is much more reliable than its wireless competitors and your connectivity won’t be affected by uncontrollable variables like the weather or trees.

Fast reliable internet is a must for most homes and businesses these days but many rural premises still suffer with slow broadband speeds or even without any broadband connectivity at all. Superfast broadband isn’t always possible via a fixed line connection and it is a particular problem in rural areas ( although we even see the very slow broadband problem in cities!) however it does not need to be a problem when you use a SimRush!

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