Choose the right unified communications system for you?

Even though email messaging and social media are now well-established as business communication tools, they augment rather than replace traditional routes such as telephony. As businesses expand, or their current PBX phone system reaches the end of its useful life, they will need to source a replacement, rather than dumping it altogether.

Traditional ISDN-based PBX systems are still available, but the higher line rental costs are pushing IT managers to consider broadband and ethernet-based VoIP solutions that provide better value for money. As they move forward, the choice of VoIP and SIP trunking also provides increased resilience and flexibility that will allow the system to change as they do.

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Unified Communications

Why your telecoms provider could be costing you money?

It’s ok to switch

If you’ve been tied into an ISDN contract for a number of years with your current provider it’s easy to become complacent with your existing solution. If it meets your current business needs then why would you ask your current provider about alternative solutions?

Well you should. Did you know that, by moving your services to SIP, not only can you switch communications suppliers to get the best service for your business, you can also save money in the process.

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Why you need a hosted phone system?

A growing number of companies are discovering the benefits of opting for a hosted phone system

For many organisations, communications is the backbone of the business, therefore it is vital to have the right phone system in place. However, it’s understandable that your board may believe the best strategy is to keep the phone system in-house.

There are many compelling reasons for opting for a hosted phone system. We will look at the benefits that going hosted can bring your company, which will help you to convince your board that this new investment is worth making.

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hosted phone system