The secret to a more productive and motivated mobile workforce

A range of factors are driving the trend towards increased mobile working:

  • Increased adoption of smart devices
  • More reliable high-speed connectivity
  • Demographic changes in the workforce
  • Changing employee expectations around work-life balance

However, too many businesses are failing to help their mobile workers to be as successful as they could be.

Being effective and productive away from the office is about more than simply having a smartphone and a laptop. It’s about having access to the right tools, the right information and the right contacts – all in a format that meets the particular challenges of the mobile worker.

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How to set your mobile workers up to succeed?

Flexibility is the key

Being able to communicate effectively and maintain productivity no matter where your workforce is stationed is the key to competitiveness. That means employees having easy access to the information, contacts and tools they need – wherever they happen to be working.

Attracting and keeping staff

Attracting and retaining employees is an ever-present challenge. The solution increasingly lies in being willing and able to meet their desire for flexibility and choice in where and how they work.

A significant 68% of employees believe it is either highly important or relatively important that their employer be a leader in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) adoption.

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Choosing a new business phone system

Over the past few decades, cultural and technological trends have dramatically transformed the workplace. Today, flexible working is a way of life. Employees now have greater control over their work-life balance than ever before, and employers understand that productivity is not confined to a desk. As such, adopting technology that enables a mobile workforce has become a business prerogative.

Yet this need for new mobile tools is often at odds with other business demands. While many senior management teams are keen to stay ahead of the competition, they also want to keep costs down.

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